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In The Beginning...

Hello, I'm Andre' Sheard CEO and Founder of the Andre' Sheard Foundation. I wanted to kick off this blog by letting you know why I started the Foundation. In September 2012, I went to the hospital to pray for someone and ran into an old neighbor, I asked her how she was doing and she was fine, then I asked her hows her little son (12 or 13 years old at the time), she told me he was in a juvenile facility because he and a couple of friends broke into the local middle school and stole $5000 worth of music equipment. She asked him why he did, what he did, and his response was "because I was bored". Well having lived in the same neighborhood as them, I believed that statement. The following week I started the outreach in the community now known as the Andre'Sheard Foundation. Our target and goal is to reach out to the kids in the community ages 6-18 and release a positive influence in their lives. We hold the outreaches every other Wednesday and the last Friday of each month, we call that "Friday Night Fun!". A typical outreach consists of a Bible teaching, a good hot meal, and a fun activity whether its Scotties Skateland in Quincy, Il or a dodgeball tournament at our local recreation center...WE GET LIT! I think the only way we can make a difference in society, in my opinion, is to pour into our next generation Psalms 127:3 says kids are a reward from heaven, they are a gift from God. I totally agree, therefore we're (the team and myself) are gonna do whatever it takes to help make change. I'm so determined and passionate about it because I finally realized that its my purpose/assignment/calling while I'm here on earth and I really really enjoy it. Hopefully you can help join me because its just the right thing to do, our kids need us. So check our blog out bi-weekly and see what we,re up to, and if you wanna join in, there are several ways to help out...see (get involved above) God bless you! thanks for taking this life changing journey with us. "If we can change this community, we can change this city, if we can change this city, we can change this state, if we can change this state, together we can change this world".

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