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One way to get involved is by donating your time. The Andre' Sheard Foundation is always looking for volunteers to help us better serve the youth within our community. If you would like more information on how you can get involved, you can email us at:


Students are the focus of our organization. There are many different ways that you can support the youth, One way is through sponsoring a student financially for extracurricular activities and field trips that the organization takes. Another way is to partner with us in mentoring the youth through our outreach program. Or by simply serving at one of our events. For more information on specific needs of the foundation email us at

For questions, comments, or to findout other ways to get involved, send us an email at:

We are always trying to expand our outreach and grow our organization to better serve our community. Our Wish List is a list of future projects and items that we are currently working on obtaining. This includes everything from small items such as basic office supplies, to computers for our students. Any gift is welcome and  appreciated. Click the "Wish List" button below to view our complete wish list.


Wish List

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